Together, let’s prevent the risks of musculoskeletal disorders for your teams.

Without hindering your activity, our experts and our KIMEA solutions support you in the development of your musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) risk prevention measures

Because every movement counts…


Capture, visualize, measure, and analyze the risks of MSDs.

Because your employees shouldn’t have to choose between their work and their health, Moovency offers you KIMEA: a range of innovative and high-performance solutions that assist you in evaluating and optimizing the ergonomics of your workstations.

KIMEA allows for a dynamic analysis of MSD risk to better prioritize your actions. This represents a considerable time saving in implementing your prevention policy, particularly thanks to the automated collection of biomechanical data.


We fight against MSDs.

Do you have a project ?

We have the solution.

Decision-makers, business leaders, managers

Are you looking to implement a prevention approach? We provide comprehensive support in developing your strategy from start to finish. Our experts will train and advise your key stakeholders, while our solutions will assist you throughout all your initiatives.

Ergonomists, prevention specialists, method functions

Are you seeking tools that provide reliable and objective indicators while also saving you time? From data capture to automated analysis, our solutions are adaptable to all environments and, most importantly, enable you to prioritize activity analysis at the core of prevention.

HR, OHS , HSE managers, Quality of Life at Work managers

Pedagogical and visually engaging, our tools serve as effective entry points to foster dialogue and empower your teams to actively participate in prevention efforts. Whether through training sessions, awareness workshops, or as versatile discussion tools, our solutions are customized to meet your specific needs.

Moovency, it’s…

A multidisciplinary team

To accompany you throughout the implementation of your prevention strategy.

A technology

Validated by 6 years of research and tested for 5 years in the field.

Ergonomists, IPRP experts

Combining field expertise and theoretical know-how, across the whole of France.