The full expertise of our ergonomists at your service

At Moovency, we understand the critical importance of creating work environments that promote employee well-being, productivity, and health.

Our team of ergonomists collaborates closely with companies to identify and address the specific ergonomic challenges within their environments.

Whether you need to assess the risk levels in your organization, improve workstation design, conduct a comprehensive analysis of a workstation, or optimize process efficiency, we are here to provide you with personalized and effective support.

Discover our team

Our team of ergonomists, all certified Occupational Risk Prevention Specialists (IPRP) and trainers, is our greatest asset. Distributed across the entire French territory, our experts are ready to assist you anywhere in France.

Their strength lies in the unique combination of in-depth expertise in their field and extensive hands-on experience. Our ergonomists support you from the implementation of our Kimea solutions to comprehensive 360° assistance, helping you establish and monitor your prevention strategies.

With our team, you can trust in expert services, from initial support to continuous and comprehensive care.

Kimea Start,
a turnkey solution

Initiate your prevention approach with full support from one of our ergonomists.

You don’t know where to start : 

Discover KIMEA Start, an all-inclusive package where you choose the module that suits you and benefit from:

  • One year of access to KIMEA App ;
  • One year of access to KIMEA Cloud ;
  • Support and follow-up with your dedicated ergonomist ;

But most importantly, leave with tools and knowledge to kickstart your approach to preventing MSDs.

“Optional modules

Biomechanical mapping

Capture, analysis, and measurement of physical stresses

Building your biomechanical mapping project: field data capture, data understanding, processing and analysis. Our experts will provide you with all the tools to comprehensively understand and objectively identify musculoskeletal disorder risks within your organization.

Workstation analysis

Understanding the overall risk of MSDs

Our ergonomists train you in constructing and understanding a comprehensive, multifactorial analysis of MSD risks. They assist you in identifying the workstation to analyze, capturing your team’s movements, and comprehending and analyzing the data.


Co-developing a workshop for preventing the risk of MSDs

In collaboration with our ergonomists, design a workshop to raise awareness of MSD risks based on the professional gestures of your teams. Identify gestures, tasks, or workstations to capture, receive support in workshop design, and co-facilitation to enhance your skills. Our goal is to help you build a sustainable prevention tool.

Tailored ergonomic services

To closely meet your needs, our ergonomists assist you in defining your technical, organizational, and human requirements to effectively prevent MSDs within your organization.

We offer comprehensive biomechanical mapping and analysis, overall ergonomic analysis of your organization, report writing and recommendations, support, advice, validation, and follow-up on adjustments…

We prioritize prevention efforts and conduct research to identify realistic solutions, testing and validating the chosen solution.

Our clients speak for us.

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