MSD Quantification: Engineered by Experts, for Real-World Application.

Ten years ago, we identified a critical issue: professionals struggled to obtain tangible and objective data to assess the risk of TMS. The measurement tools available were, and still are, mostly cumbersome, complex to use, and difficult to implement.

Our tools and technologies were developed to address this challenge !

Combining industry expertise with field iterations, and leveraging computer vision and artificial intelligence, our Kimea solutions enable professionals to capture, visualize, measure, and most importantly, analyze TMS risks in a simple, engaging, yet objective and relevant manner.

Physical MSD risk is now visible and quantifiable

Kimea is the result of applied university research in the field of biomechanics, conducted in collaboration with the M2S Center in Rennes and the company Faurecia.

These six years of research and R&D have always been carried out in close alignment with real-world conditions, which is why our technologies have been developed and validated in industrial settings.

As a result, KIMEA effectively addresses your operational TMS challenges.

Save time, enhance usability, and improve education with our measurement and analysis tools designed to simplify your prevention efforts and better prioritize your actions.

Reinventing TMS Quantification Together !


Our Kimea solutions

Versatile Solution:

Tailored to Any conditions and Ready for Immediate Use.

Time Efficiency:

Automated Risk Calculation fees up your Time to Focus on priorities


 Immediately calibrated, work remains uninterrupted!


Objective, reliable, comparable, and understandable risk indicators

Our Commitment,

Delivering quantifiable and objective data aligned with your operational constraints, without disrupting your activities.

MSD prevention

Making Risk visible and quantifiable

KIMEA solutions serve as effective drivers for aligning prevention with your company’s performance.

From data capture using KIMEA App or KIMEA Lite to data analysis with our KIMEA Cloud platform, our tools support you every step of the way in your prevention efforts.

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