Why establish a mapping (ergomapping) of the risk MSD(musculoskeletal disorders)?

What is a risk map of MSDS onset?

A cartography or ergomapping allows you to quickly visualize the risks of TMS on all your workstations, your workshops, production units,… analysing the various biomechanical factors and relying on scientific data provided by video capture and KIMEA analysis.

The mapping will summarize all the risks of TMS from your production unit, and the job cards or tasks would detail them more accurately.

This is a diagnosis to highlight the most restrictive positions to prioritize. You will then be able to carry out a more detailed ergonomic study in order to develop them to reduce the risks.

Here are some visuals that you will find in a cartography:

Mapping of the different workstations of the production unit

Why invest in ergonomic mapping?

1.      Prioritizing actions more easily

The major challenge of MSDS risk mapping is to prioritize its development actions. With a mapping it will be easier to answer the frequently asked question: “where do we start?”. Mapping allows you to classify posts/tasks… in order of priority in relation to the postural stresses measured.

2.      Facilitating the return to employment of collaborators with inaptitude on certain joints

In fact, after illness stops, some collaborators can no longer carry out certain movements and have inaptitude on certain joints. Mapping facilitates reclassification by classifying posts according to the measured postural stresses. In agreement with the doctor of work you can easily select a suitable workstation and optimize the return to the job in good conditions.

3.      Reduce workability by improving rotations and decreasing risk exposure times

Having a vision of the risks by articulation on each workstation or task, helps to ensure consistency and better manage job rotations so that your employees are not systematically on positions seeking the same articulation. By analyzing your mapping you will be able to optimize the job rotations accordingly.

Do you want to have a risk mapping of TMS within your company? Take an appointment to present the process and make a tailor-made offer according to your industrial environment.

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