What is ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the the science of adapting work to human. it is looking for the best possible match between the physical and mental characteristics of the workers and production targets.

The ergonome analyzes the working situations with a view to transforming them to:

  • protect health of people 
  • take a turn for the better their working conditions 
  • take a turn for the better the quality and efficiency of production

To do this, the ergonomist carries out a systematic analysis of a holistic approach that takes into account all the elements that make up a working situation. This analysis is multidisciplinary and involves the knowledge of the ergonomist in various disciplines (biomechanics, psychology, Physiology, sociology, technology, etc.). The approach is also participatory because the ergonomist will question and invite the persons concerned to express their points of view of their activity. The elements collected will be integrated into the analysis Global.

But it must be before ergonomist has an approach that is “realistic” because it should be interested in the activity as it is actually exercised, and thus differences between this actual work and the one prescribed by the company.

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