Which trades can be affected by KIMEA in your company?

For several months we have been talking about our solution software and its technological aspect. Its strengths for ergonomists. But did you know that ergonomists do not have the exclusive use of KIMEA. The tool can also help other trades. We're explaining this to you.

Are you a prevention technician?

During training at the future workstation, KIMEA will be interesting to learn the right gesture. It will bring a playful point of view for sometimes long courses. The impact of the images is stronger and guarantees better memorisation on the part of the employee.

Are you a work doctor?

The overall view of a post and the scores by articulation will allow you to better target the workstations on which an operator can resume his activity in the event of a contraindication or in case of return to work.

Are you a method engineer? 

KIMEA allows you to have real-time data relative to the prescribed. This will allow you to easily identify if there is a gap between the prescribed range times and the actual time. In addition, when you return each task for each workstation, you will be able to create a detailed activity diagram (time, MSDS risks, solicited joints,…)

Are you a production manager?

The tool allows you to do a mapping of workstations and to have a global vision. You will be able to make rotating loops of your collaborators who do not solicit the same joints. And compared to competing tools, we guarantee you a time saver. Indeed, without sensors or combinations, there is no need to stop the production line several minutes to start analyzing. Finally you can have a global view of your site from a physical and biomechanical point of view.

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