MSD, stop the ideas received!

Tendinitis, lombalgia, carpal tunnel,… Musculoskeletal disorders are at the top of occupational diseases. They settle down to sometimes become real handicaps. If companies start to be sensitized, and if preventive actions multiply, there are still a few ideas that we would like to twist our necks!  This is our top 3!

I assign young people to the toughest jobs, they are more robust….

So yes the muscular capacity of a “young” is often superior to that of a senior but it will not be more protected from the risk of MSDS than others. The experience of a senior allows him to “protect” also. And then the prevention of risks and the reduction of the penbilities should apply to any employee.

I propose to my employees a “sporty” warm-up, that is enough prevention side

There is a growing increase in the companies of heating with a coach, exercises of muscular reinforcement,… It’s generally well-seen. But today there is no evidence that these exercises can prevent the occurrence of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDS). A study was conducted by INRS in 2018 to assess the effectiveness of these physical activity programs. The study reveals that if this warm-up work is decorated by a work of collective prevention and questioning of the modes of organisation of work or posts, the work is not effective. Therefore, this cannot substitute for a risk prevention action.

Rotation and pauses are enough for the body to recover

Pausing allows to recover as well as rotation of the posts during a day of work limits the repetitiveness of gestures to better manage the joints and muscular stresses. However, this is not enough to reduce the risk. Indeed rotations will be effective if they have been quantified. Identify the risks, evaluate them, to set up rotations that distribute the load well on different muscle groups.  Quantify the risks so that the established rotation distributes the load well on the different muscle groups.  If there is no extension and reflection around the organisation of the work, this is not enough to reduce the risk.

In the end, if you have to remember only one thing is that all the actions put in place can be only a placebo if they are not accompanied by a reflection on the Organization and the layout of the workstations.

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