Risk prevention and digital transformation

The time we hear about big data, sensors, reality Virtual… technologies infusing all sectors of activity. The prevention sector is not spared. And applications and uses are for many yet to invent. Some concrete examples of this the appropriation of new technologies through the prevention of risks at work *.


The installation of sensors in a parking lot under terrain for example allows you to measure in time the peaks of pollution and to trigger the real-time breakings. Objective: to ensure user comfort (especially sound) and save energy. These same sensors in the the tertiary sector makes it possible to objectify the feelings of atmosphere. Visibility Live from the atmosphere to have targeted actions on the offices by example.

RFID chips and mobility

Better manage equipment, non-conformities and respond to the security obligations of people and property through RFID chips is now possible. The chips allow to better share the information, identify, tag, track and add information about the facilities and make them readily accessible to all stakeholders. Coupled with artificial intelligence, fleas can be used to retranspose models and to go more and more towards predictive maintenance in rebuilding the scenarios. Also via smartphones it is possible to to bring an interesting dimension of mobility.

Drone and AI

Making inaccessible accessible is the Mission of Drones. They offer the possibility to work on images, allow to inspect parks for facilities that are not readily accessible. In Association artificial intelligence it is possible to raise several sites and to build models to see the evolution of the structure on the a certain period of time and bring alerts when you think there is a danger for man.

Training and reality Virtual

The human aspect is important in prevention. The appearance training to anchor knowledge and good practices is Essential. It is no longer enough to bring knowledge. With reality virtual it is possible to simulate situations, site visits,… And ensure the safe learning of gestures.

Source: Conference Preventica 2019 APAVE

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