MSD, key figures

The leading cause of occupational disease in France, musculoskeletal disorders (MSDS) represent the most common occupational health problem. Directly related to working conditions, MSDS translates into pain that can become disabling and lead to work disabilities.

MSDS, the first occupational diseases

Population affected by occupational diseases
Including 87% of Musculoskeletal Disorders
60% increase in the number of MSDs in 10 years

The impact on the lives of companies

10 000 000 working days lost per year
6 months of sick leave on average
“Evidence: quantification and risk assessment of MSDS on workstations play a key role in the efficiency of a business. Risk prevention enables the cost of TMS to be transformed into a performance lever. “


The TMS file of the Ministry of labour

INRA dossier on MSDS

The TMS file of the Ministry of Social Affairs and health