KIMEA use cases

Our KIMEA solution is a diagnostic solution and customer support. We are part of a global prevention approach: collection, analysis, interpretation of results and proposal of solutions.

We adapt to all industrial environments for: (non-exhaustive list)

Your design phases:
  • Support design projects by providing a rapid return on investment on the physical risk of the workstation in order to anticipate potential occupational diseases
  • Identify important parameters to be taken into account by the methods
  • Support a reclassification / return to work of an employee with disabilities, in order to optimize rotations between positions and/or limit joint stress with restrictions
Your analysis phases:
  • Establish a mapping (or ergomapping) of the MSD risk for a workstation, a production line, a workshop, a factory, etc… in order to optimize the organization of work
  • Compare workstations in order to prioritize actions and establish budgets
  • Enrich the Single Risk Assessment Document (DUER) to prioritize MSD risk positions from a biomechanical perspective
Your training phases:
  • Train new operators in business tasks and carry out an apprenticeship “gestures and postures” thanks to a fun and educational tool
  • Mobilize the company’s stakeholders around professional risks by better considering the complexity of the work situations assessed and open the debate around the professional gesture
  • To allow a human-centred view of the ergonomics of the norms and standards established by scientific research, thereby optimizing work-related gestures