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How does it work?

KIMEA is a licensed software solution that adresses many MSD prevention issues. The capture tooland its unique algorithm allow an instant visualization of MSD to increase efficiency in action.


Workstation analysis: use the KIMEA system to capture a work cycle.


MSDs risks: KIMEA creates a digital twin of the operator and automatically converts gestures and postures into ergonomic indicators. You can integrate environmental data and edit videos to select the moments to analyze.


Risk mapping: with KIMEA you identify the vectors of difficulty (exposure time, loads,…) and you can quickly compare the workstations to each otherbetween them to identify and prioritize corrective actions.

The objective is to help the ergonome in its overall analysis by facilitating the biomechanical analysis that remains long and difficult. At Moovency, we want to go beyond a technological solution. We rely on a real field business. KIMEA integrates into the ergonomic approaches of your company.

Buying KIMEA

The license of the KIMEA software is valid for 1 year without restriction of use. We provide maintenance and updates to your product. You also benefit from a day of training carried out by our team, which then accompanies you in the implementation of the product as well as in your daily uses.

The purchase of our solution includes:

  • A computer
  • A camera
  • A tripod
  • 2 pairs of connected mittens with sensors
  • A transport suitcase
  • The connection associated with the different devices

kImea assets


Our exclusive algorithm corrects alterations in the capture and guarantees you scientifically reliable data.


Quick installation, first elements of analysis in real-time, our main objective is to save your time in identifying risk areas.


A complete evaluation without constraints. Easily integrable into working environments. No technical knowledge required. We set up where you work, without making your process heavier.


A single camera, no complex equipment that can disturb the employee or the company’s productivity. We focus on your employee’s actions in real working conditions to ensure an analysis that is as close as possible to your needs.