Here are some answers to questions you might ask yourself. But the best is still to contact us

What is KIMEA used for?

KIMEA is a software solution for improving ergonomic workstation assessments and ergonomic analysis. Based on motion capture technology, the operator’s work is reproduced and recorded on its digital twin enriched with ergonomic and biomechanical indicators to identify the risks of MSDS appearances.

Why a digital twin?

The digital twin and the computer vision can reproduce the human movement on a virtual skeleton enriched with ergonomic and biomechanical indicators. This allows us to estimate postural stresses, efforts and exposure times related to the professional activity.

What methods of ergonomic dimensionation do we use?

We use the RULA quotation and have developed a KIMEA score. On request, we can integrate your own quotation methods.

What does the KIMEA solution contain?

KIMEA comes with a motion capture device, a computer with built-in software and the license for a fixed time together, a pair of connected gloves.

Is KIMEA compatible with protective equipment and hygiene and safety standards?

Our solution does not require any special equipment (no sensors, no combination,…). We therefore respect the standards of safety and hygiene imposed. In case of use of our connected gloves, we have designed them to be integrated under the protective clothing (PPE).

Why connected mittens?

During our field experiments and during our exchanges with our first customers, we found that special attention was paid to the articulation of the wrists. Unlike the rest of the body, this area requires a very precise capture. Therefore, in order to reinforce our precision, we have developed connected gloves equipped with pre-installed sensors on the back of the hand and on the wrist. No anatomical knowledge required beforehand, simply place the sensors in the pockets of the mitten provided for this purpose, and put them on. These mittens allow us to obtain the angles of the wrist while retaining our line of action: a simplicity of use for the user.