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Ergo conception

You would like to modernize your production units or workstations? Verify that the new layouts are well adapted from an ergonomic point of view and that they do not increase the painfulness of work.

Modifying a workstation costs much more than designing an ergonomic one from the start! Our teams accompany you from the very first stages of your project to carry out a diagnosis and analyse the relevance of the chosen orientations.

Eliminate MSD risks at the source
Involve your teams and preserve their health
Maximise the ROI of your new layouts

Choose “Ergo Conception” as a training for your prevention department or as a service carried out by our ergonomists.

Training Description

Our “Ergo Conception” training course will give you the method to carry out your workstation design projects using the KIMEA tool to validate your new unit creation or modernisation projects.

Identify work situations to be modified with KIMEA

Create workstation for simulation

Validate new workstation layout with KIMEA

Create discussion groups with the worker

Present the results

Develop recommendations and specifications



« We called upon Moovency to help us in the modernisation of our workstations. The KIMEA solution enabled us to better identify the biomechanical constraints that the production workers are exposed to and to have a more concrete understanding of them. It is an excellent complement to traditional ergonomic analysis. Today we continue our collaboration with Moovency on other modernisation projects. »

Sabrina Patte, Occupational Nurse, Aqualande Group


« We appreciated your ability to identify several problems in the activity analysis approach in a very tight time frame, the scoring of the physical risk with the KIMEA system and the suggestion of possible solutions. »

Georges Coudray, Head of Ergonomics, Rennes University Hospital

« As part of a project to manage medical restrictions on the site, we needed a tool to map our workstations. After testing several technologies, we chose KIMEA. KIMEA gave us a concrete view of the biomechanical stresses on our workstations, which enabled us to draw up an action plan. Today we are very satisfied with the tool and are thinking of using it for various applications. »

Paul Meurie, Ergonomist, SEB Group

« The comfort and safety of employees in the factory are nowadays two major factors that lead to greater efficiency. Ideally, the ergonomist should be involved as early as possible in projects and in the design of workstations. In reality, it is more a question of correction, with the ergonomic part of the project often coming too late. Quite simply, because a robust biomechanical study requires a lot of time, and will always be subject to the subjectivity of the human eye.

Faced with these challenges and in order to put ergonomics back at the centre of the playground, Faurecia called on MOOVENCY and its KIMEA solution. The KIMEA software solution allows us to identify biomechanical risks at a very early stage of projects. This saves us precious time and considerably limits subjectivity in the analysis. KIMEA allows us to adapt the product, the equipment or the tasks to be carried out with a view to greatly reducing the risks impacting the health of our employees. An indispensable tool in my work as an ergonomist. »

Alex Jouchter, Division Ergonomist Manager, Faurecia


Kimea VR

Create your workstations with MSD hazards in mind.

Develop and implement a sustainable approach in the management your workforce.



You are not an ergonomist? Gain theoretical knowledge about MSD management.


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