MOOVENCY, where do we come from?

Moovency was created following a collaboration requested by the Faurecia company, the M2S laboratory (movement sport santé) University of Rennes 2 and Pierre Plantard then in thesis. The M2S laboratory has focused 10 years ago, with its expertise in the analysis and evaluation of the the measure of human movement. The partnership with Faurecia company has been built around a strong thematic of the laboratory, which is the development of measuring system of the movement innovative and ambulatory.

this partnership starts in 2012 by a research internship at the plant Faurecia located in Crevin (35) for a validation of the feasibility of the project. Following this, a CIFRE thesis[1] was initiated between the the M2S laboratory of Rennes 2 University and the Faurecia company development of a tool to help assess the risk of disorders workers engaged in shift work. This thesis, supported in 2016, led to the development of the KIMEA computer system.

Them results obtained and the prospects for the application of this research have the company Faurecia, the project holder and the Université Rennes 2 to go further in the development of the solution. The needs raised have been the transition from a functional prototype to an industrialised product in a marketing objective. This objective was supported by[2] SATT Ouest valuation by putting in place a programme of maturation period of 15 months. At the end of the maturation programme (November 2018), the company Moovency was created to begin the commercialization of the first version of KIMEA.

[1] Industrial conventions of research training

[2] Acceleration society technology transfer

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