Moovency awarded "techno innovation of the year"

It was in Brest that François Morin was awarded for MOOVENCY the price of technological innovation of the year at the 2019 Edition of the West Web Awards.

Techno innovation of the year award
DR credit

The opportunity for François Morin to test the concept with an audience of decision makers and once again to gain the confidence of the public. And to greet the Breton dynamism with the other laureates:

Digital student project: AHIO (Rennes)

Best Digital Transformation: Trecobat (Brest)
Digital Recruiter: Cookorico (Cesson-Sév
igné)Best Technological Innovation: Moovency (
Rennes)Breton expat: Inès Le Bihan (Combrit/San Franci
sco) Best growth: NDMAC ( Quimper)

Breton digital: Géry (Rennes)
Amazing team: Fortunéo

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