Profile of our founders: Pierre Plantard

2nd portrait of our founders with Pierre Plantard.

Pierre Plantard
Pierre Plantard-CTO

Pierre Plantard is a passionate person. Passionate about Handball and new technology, he has combined both by specializing in biomechanics and ergonomics, 2 subjects which fully take him up for nearly 10 years now. First as a student, then as a researcher. He was doing his thesis in partnership with Faurecia on the theme of capturing operators’ movements in their work environment and identifying the risks of musculoskeletal disorders. Reinforced by what he sees in the automotive equipment manufacturer but also in other industrial groups, he decided at the end of his thesis to work on the maturation of the technology and the creation of an associated start-up: Moovency.

His mantra: “innovating is not about having a new idea but stop having an old idea”

His priority for Moovency “To have a technology that meets customers’ field needs as closely as possible”

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