Meet our founders: Franck Multon

Moovency was founded by 3 men: François Morin, Pierre Plantard and Franck Multon. But do you really know them? We suggest you to discover them over the days with small profiles. And today we start with Franck Multon, our scientific advisor and co-founder.

Frank Multon
Franck Multon – Scientific advisor

Franck Multon is a teacher-researcher concerned by solving complex problems coming from the real industrial environment. With his Phd in computer science on the theme of the control of the movement of virtual humans, he joined the laboratories of the University of Rennes 2 in STAPS (Sciences and Techniques of Physical Activities) on the analysis and simulation of human movement, where he teaches and leads a research team in biomechanics. Since 2011, he has been leading Inria’s MIMETIC team, focusing on methods to analyse human movement in ecological situations, and to simulate autonomous virtual humans that behave and move in a realistic way. This involves understanding and modelling how people control their movements and behave, in order to design models that can generate virtual humans that behave in a realistic way. MimeTIC’s main research areas are motion analysis, biomechanics, autonomous virtual humans and physical activity in virtual reality. He also manages Pierre Plantard’s thesis in collaboration with Faurecia, and decides to partner with Moovency to get as close as possible to the field and thus bring academic research closer to the industrial world.

“Always innovate, and ensure the scientific reliability of results and data.”

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