KIMEA goes further than RULA with dynamic dimensioning

KIMEA measures the joint angles of the upper limbs, neck and trunk with reference to standards to perform an MSD risk rating based on the RULA (Rapid Upper Limb Assessment) grid. Repeatability is taken into account as well as the charging port. The method is designed to analyse each body part separately.

We wanted to go further than this widely used method with the introduction of dynamic quotation. Therefore, we propose to visualize at each moment of the work cycle the evolution of the MSD risk and the time spent at each risk score.

Until now, this risk was calculated statically from a few representative postures. The static rating therefore does not distinguish an operation with 3 minutes of high joint stress over 15 minutes of work and another with 10 minutes of high stress over the same cycle time.

With our dynamic quotation you no longer have to choose a posture that is supposed to represent the entire task. The dynamic scoring restores the actual weight of MSD risk exposure over the entire cycle time assessed. The MSD risk is placed at its proper importance in relation to the duration of exposure. KIMEA therefore allows you to prioritize according to:

-The severity of the risk of MSDS

-Risk exposure time

-The number of joints affected

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