How can KIMEA help you enrich your Interference Risk Assessment Document (DUVRI)?

The company is required by the general safety obligation to assess the potential risks and take all necessary measures to ensure the safety and protect the health of its company’s employees. For this purpose, an Interference Risk Assessment Document (DUVRI) must be drawn up and kept updated. This document must identify all risks to the personnel health and safety and the action plan to inform and prevent them.

If no format is imposed, the Labour Code states that the first step is to establish “an inventory of the risks identified in each work unit of the company or establishment”.

In order to carry out an inventory you must:

1.      Identify potential danger or sources of risk

2.      Analyse risks by observing exposure conditions

3.      Apply the method on all work units

KIMEA will help you to save time on this inventory section on the issue of musculoskeletal disorders. Indeed, with KIMEA you will be able to film all your work units in a simple and non-invasive way, possibly several operators on the same unit, and then analyse the risks with the software in a fast and reliable way. You will also be able to compare the risks of your different unites and thus prioritize actions, establish appropriate budgets.

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