Ergonomics at Moovency

At Moovency, we want to go beyond a technological solution. Ergonomics are important for us. We rely on a real field business. This is why we have integrated a team of ergonomists, with Romane and Quentin who support our customers on a daily basis.

The objective of the tool is to support the ergonomist in his global analysis.

KIMEA thus saves time on biomechanical analysis, which remains long and difficult. This allows the ergonomist to go more deeply into other risk factors (organizational, environmental, psychosocial, etc.).

We then provide you with additional expertise to the tool in order to best meet your needs and propose areas for improvement.

FacilitatE the work of prevention actors

Moovency’s main objective is to facilitate the work of the various actors in prevention by developing and offering the KIMEA tool, which has many advantages.

SavE time for ergonomists

KIMEA makes it possible to establish a biomechanical diagnosis of a workstation in record time, thus saving time on biomechanical analysis and global analysis.

Argue and convince

The figures provided by KIMEA therefore facilitate communication with decision-makers to raise their awareness of MSDS risks, and convince them to commit to implementing action plans.

GAIN resources 

KIMEA identifies biomechanical constraints and provides an analytical basis for effective action on the determinants of the actions that cause MSDs. The tool provides more accurate resources than those collected with the naked eye.

Ease of use

KIMEA is quick to learn thanks to its intuitive interface. MOOVENCY’s ergonomists and developers work daily to improve the software’s user experience.

Gains for the company thanks to kimea

The use of KIMEA internally or with the intervention of MOOVENCY ergonomists brings a considerable gain to the company:

Reduction of analysis time and therefore of the cost of the service
Reduction of indirect costs related to analysis time (if used internally)

Reliable and objective data collection

Quick and easy export of results in several formats (PDF, Word, Excel)

Limit and/or prevent MSDs risk and the onset of occupational diseases (decrease in costs)