How much do you cost MSD in your company?

In October 2018, at the SAFEXPO event, the health insurance and the Carsat Bretagne indicated that in 2017, 91% of occupational diseases in France were musculoskeletal disorders. A global issue for businesses when considering direct, indirect and structural costs. Thus the sickness insurance and the Carsat Brittany spoke of the equivalent of 760 000 days compensated over 1 year, i.e. 3500 full-time equivalents. A huge financial stake when we know that just for Brittany this represents 60 million euros over a year borne by companies without relying on indirect costs: absenteeism, activity restriction, training loss of productivity, costs of replacing…

This grid proposed by the NAALC allows you to evaluate by yourself the cost of TMS in your company.  

Investing in prevention rather than management by investing in risk detection, implementing preventive measures contributes to reducing costs, improving performance, productivity and quality through reliable data and quickly accessible.

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